SONGWRITING: Two famous & catchy chord progressions

The “One-Five-Six-Four” and its little sister, the “Six-Four-One-Five” – it’s the same chord progression, just starting halfway-through it. These chord progressions have been used in COUNTLESS hit songs… ever see that “Axis of Awesome” video on YouTube? Or the “Pacalbel Canon Rant” video? Proof positive, this chord formula works. It might be cliche, but ya know… I’ve heard this progression all over countless GOOD indie records, too. Use it if you get stuck.

I – V – vi – IV

C G Am F
I V vi IV

or in the key of E

E B C#m A
I V vi IV


vi – IV – I – V

Am F C G
vi IV I V

or in the key of A

A E F#m D
vi IV I V

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