SONGWRITING: Avoid watching videos by Ehow / Expert Village!

And now for something completely different….

Usually I like to be as helpful as possible, but sometimes it’s important to know what NOT to watch or study…. and Expert Village/eHow is the worst…. shit…. ever.

Seriously. How can one website or LARGE group of people collectively be idiots, when it comes to showing people how to write songs, play piano, play guitar, or record at home (or the myriad of other things they supposedly “teach”)? Expert Village is the dictionary definition of “ironic”, which is why I think they changed their name to “eHow” instead of Expert Village.

I have watched many of their videos, and the ratio of actual informative/helpful videos to utter nonsense/stupidity is pretty crazy… I think with all the videos I’ve watched of theirs since they became prominent on the internet (around 2006), one out of every 40 videos is somewhat helpful. Here are a few of the less helpful ones I’ve seen (to give you a good laugh):

This starts decently… as he explains the counting well, but then when he plays, he’s not playing in 5/4. He’s playing in 4/4!

First – his toms are set up horribly… secondly, he can’t play for shit, and third… he is trying to “adjust” something near the tambourine WITH HIS STICK……. It makes you wonder if these people are really acting… but the sad thing is, they’re not!

Awful. It helps to stay in key when you’re working melodies out, missy (that’s what the guitar is for).

His gear (Orange cabinet, the Tele, and a Taylor acoustic/electric not seen in this particular video) is a thousand times more valuable than his advice.

Mumbling, meandering… and that riff he’s showing off with to “summarize” the video is annoying and soulless. Oh, and you forgot to mention pull-offs, idiot.

So yeah…. don’t take any of the eHow/Expert Village videos seriously… AT ALL. Just watch them for a good laugh!


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