RECORDING: Pineapple juice for singers. Drink up!

This sounds ridiculous…. but, pineapple juice is a singer’s best friend.

I’ve had vocal cord issues since 2008. They got much worse in early 2011 when I had a severe flu. For 16 straight months, I couldn’t sing in falsetto or remotely in head voice. Months of googling led me to several different theories and conclusions about my problem, but I kept stumbling upon the miracle of pineapple juice.

Pineapple juice is a natural anti-inflammatory. If you’re having an “off day” when it comes to singing… like, say you dedicate a day to tracking vocals for your songs, and your voice is just absolute shit (loss of high range, etc), drink a glass of pineapple juice and wait about an hour or two. When you sing again (assuming you begin with the warmups and vocalizing and stuff)… you’ll notice your voice is smooth, effortless… and your formerly “off day” becomes a day you can actually get stuff done.

Of course, you always need to hydrate with water, and lots of it. But water only can do so much. That’s where pineapple juice comes in.

Since I’ve been drinking pineapple juice regularly (on the recommendation of my excellent voice therapist), I have noticed my singing range has greatly improved… not daily, but every few days I have a really great vocal day where I can actually reach the notes easily that I could not reach for almost a year and a half.

Don’t just take my word for it…  let me google that for you.

It is truly the miracle drink, when you are having an “off day.” But don’t forget about all the other things you must do as a singer, such as– exercise (especially cardio), a good diet, and daily vocal warm-ups.



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  1. Billie Holiday used pineapple too.

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