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SONGWRITING: “Inspiration Information”

I fucking love John Mayer… I love his playing, his songwriting, his singing, and his lyrics.

This is John Mayer’s Berklee College clinic from 2008:

The only thing is, it’s for students only (or future students). I did a few Berklee classes a few years ago (and want to finish getting my Berklee certificate sometime in the near future)… so I’m able to view them easily…. they USED to be on YouTube… and if you google “John Mayer Berklee Clinic 2008”, you might be able to find the 9-part video on other video hosting sites. It’s definitely worth watching.

You can’t ever say John is a douchebag or that he sucks (I’m so fucking sick of people who knock on him all the time). John Mayer has a very dry sense of humor…. he’s sarcastic, but also does not take himself seriously at all. I don’t know how so many people miss that! He is awesome.  Everything he says here is true, amazing, and perfect. Check out the link/create an account, or dig for it…