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RECORDING: Reaper, Poise VST, and Akai MPD18 – the $200 MPC workflow

I’ve written about Poise several times in this blog. It still rules. Sadly, it’s still only available for Windows… but, luckily, a lot of Mac users can use Boot Camp, and have Windows on their Macs. Convenient for stuff like this…

I created a forum post at the Reaper Forum, showing exactly how I use Poise in my workflow, to produce hip-hop beats easily. I call it the “$200 MPC workflow”… because Reaper is a free download (though I highly recommend you buying a license if you use it regularly)… this is the absolute cheapest way to get an MPC-style workflow for hip-hop production:

Reaper (free, or $60)
an Akai MPD18 ($60-100, used to new)
Poise VST from ($49)

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RECORDING: Using Maschine as VST within Reaper (written and video tutorial)

I realized I never finished the video for the previous post (when I initially wrote this post in November 2012)…. as of February 2013, I finished a video. Here’s a walkthrough for the setup, as I posted on the Reaper forums months ago:

And here is the 17-minute long overview/tutorial…