Monthly Archives: April 2013

RECORDING: Poise VST tutorials

Here are four tutorials I made about the Poise VST, which is the best MPC-style sampler out there, hands-down. It’s actually a million times easier to use than an MPC. Along with Native Instruments’ Maschine, Poise + Reaper is how I make a majority of my hip-hop tracks.

Check these videos out, and download the Poise demo. You’ll be extremely impressed.




RECORDING: Syncing Akai MPD Note Repeat to Reaper

Hey guys… in between naps as I am very ill today, I synced all three of my Akai MPD models (MPD18, MPD26, MPD32) to Reaper, perfectly… so Note Repeat works as it should.

Here’s how it’s done.

On the MPD26/32… go into Global settings… hit the right arrow a bunch of times until you reach MIDI CLOCK. Set it to EXTERNAL.

For the MPD18, you’ll need the MPD editing software, as that’s the only way to edit midi notes and the midi clock setting. Make sure it is set the same way.

Now go into Reaper’s Preferences.

Find the MIDI DEVICES tab, and enable MIDI output for your MPD by right-clicking the device name in the MIDI Output section (Windows XP users more than likely will see “USB Audio Device”, which is the generic name for the MPD series.) Now right-click the device name again, and select “Send clock/SPP to output”.

Note Repeat will not work unless Reaper is in Playback or Record mode (as in, the timeline/cursor is moving).

Assuming you set everything right, it works perfectly. I tested it on three different systems (Windows 7 x64, Windows XP SP3, and Windows 7 32-bit).

RECORDING: “Found Sounds” and scoring movies

I’m sick as hell today, and have been since Saturday night… slept for about 3 days straight, and finally am sitting upright, drinking liquids and internetting….

Stumbled upon these two videos, by Nathan Johnson, who scored the brilliant 2006 film “Brick”, and more recently, “Looper” (both featuring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and both directed by Rian Johnson). Brick is one of my all-time favorite movies, and I saw Looper with a couple roommates during Hurricane Sandy when I had no electricity at my house.

Although this is much more complex than a lot of people would prefer to work, recording-wise… this is brilliant, and inspiring. The sampler they are using to process the found sounds and record them in a musical context is Kontakt by Native Instruments.