SONGWRITING: Look to indie rock (and female singers) for melodic inspiration.

So I’m sitting here listening to a playlist I created on Spotify, with some really melodic and gorgeous indie rock. I think indie stuff gets a really bad rep because a lot of snobby people write it off to be talentless music. They couldn’t be more wrong, and it drives me nuts when people are such assholes about it.

So here’s a Spotify playlist for you, if you’re looking for some melodic/melody inspiration. I think these songs are extremely catchy, well-written, and interesting. Nearly all of the songs (and there’s 100 here) have great vocal harmonies and lyrics, so please… enjoy.

And yes, I do realize there are a ton of female-fronted bands and singer-songwriters in this playlist… and for good reason. It is still my firm belief that females have a better melodic writing ability than males. This isn’t always true, but most of the time, it is. My biggest songwriting inspiration always comes from female singers and songwriters. I’ve talked to many other people, including my new roommate Drew Brightbill, who is also a songwriter (and a quite good one, too– check out his music here), and most of his inspiration comes from female-vocal bands.

So again…. hope you enjoy.


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