SONGWRITING: Online tools

I don’t visit these sites as often as I should, but there are several REALLY cool websites that offer online tools for songwriters. What do I mean by online tools?

Chord progression generators (in any key you specify), melody rhythm generators, lyric and title generators, etc… and more!

Here are just a few to check out (and please do! You’ll dig ’em, even if you’re a very experienced songwriter!):


Random Rhythm Motif Generator

this thing is really, really useful for coming up with rhythms for motifs, such as vocal melodies. You’ll need to provide the words and the notes, of course… but, a great starting point! It spans across 2 bars.

Random Song Title Generator

It generates a LOT of titles at once (like 20). Sure, a lot of them might be lame. But there are some great generated… I just tried it right now and it generated the following: Nobody Cancel The Dance, Allow Tomorrow, and Destroyer of the Noise.


Weird title, but has four really useful tools: a song title generator, a lyrical plot idea suggester, song structure maker, and “Lyricloud” which is random words that are related in some way (Though I don’t know how) and if you click on one word, it generates a whole set of new words that supposedly fit the one you clicked on. Useful for quick lyrical bit ideas. Lots of cool stuff!


This is insanely awesome and involved. It’s like an online version of Propellerhead’s “Reason” software. Click the “Launch App” button at the top of the link to get started if you want to get started right away. Believe me, this is insanely powerful. AND fun.


I’ll post more cool ones as I find them… in the meantime, enjoy, and keep writing!







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