SONGWRITING: Working out melodies for songs

Was talking to a friend last night and gave her some advice, when working out melodies for songs… I saw a video about this on YouTube like four years ago or something…. it’s simple, but it works….

Say you have two parts of a song (a verse and a chorus), and you have lyrics for the same parts. Just record yourself playing these two parts back to back, over and over again, singing the parts in a different way in each pass (improvising the vocals on the spot). Do this for 20 solid minutes to a half hour. Somewhere in there, while working the parts out vocally, you’ll come across some good ideas… they might be in two completely different locations in this 20-30 minute recording, but you’ll usually have something great to work with… something that might even be final.

I’ve used this technique only a few times in the last year or so, but holy shit, it works. Now if I could just stop being so damn lazy about the vocal process…



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