SW/RECORDING: Things to make your life easier.

Didn’t get a chance to get your gift in time? On a deadline?

1. Order it from an ebay seller. They usually have new stuff for 25% to 40% less than Amazon and stuff… or “open box” versions… especially NYC’s “ProAudioStar”.

2. Order from a seller that lives in your region. If you live in NYC, and the closest seller lives in Virginia… buy it from him. It’s usually 2 days tops, sometimes a day (assuming they ship the next morning after you pay, or same day).

Can’t keep track of your files? Document types?

3. Use an app or program like Evernote. It is fucking awesome. Read about it, or watch videos. I can’t live without it these days. From lyric-writing, note-making… budget stuff, “who’s borrowing stuff from me”…”I need to watch this shit… I need to listen to this band…” etc. It RULES.

Can’t finish a task in time or keep getting distracted?

4. Buy an egg-timer or any “analog”-style timer. Not some app, not some crazy digital monstrosity. Seriously. Keep things simple. Portable, easy… “I need to get this shit done in 30 minutes… (TWIST)”. Done. The more simple a timer is, the more frequently you’ll use it!!!

Want to buy music but can’t afford it?

5. Use SPOTIFY… seriously! Add entire albums in playlists named your choice. I have gigantic playlists called like.. “CDs I actually own” (so I can have this music constantly on my phone)… or “Recommended By My Girlfriend”… etc. Costs NOTHING to use Spotify (or $10/month if you want to use the phone app and also “make available offline”… seriously, it fucking RULES. What are you waiting for?

Can’t finish songs?

6. Read all of the articles in this blog! Buy songwriting books! Watch songwriting tip YouTube videos! Join a songwriting group where each person has to finish like 3 songs a week…. meet up on Sundays, and share your music!

Scared of confrontation?

7. Don’t be afraid to say no or disagree with someone about anything, most importantly, DON’T offer an explanation why you’re saying no. Just say “no, can’t do that… sorry.” Even when they ask why. If you absolutely need to give them a reason, say quite frankly, “because I don’t want to.” This one comes from my girlfriend. Best advice I’ve ever received.

“Stop texting me! Seriously, what the fuck?!”

8. Turn off your phone completely after 10pm. Usually nothing’s an emergency. And if people text you to death, or you keep getting email notifications when you’re trying to get ready for bed (or relaxing, whatever).. just turn off your damn phone. Nothing can’t wait. If it’s an absolute emergency, chances are someone in your house will get a phone call and wake you up, or you’ll hear the news in the morning. I don’t know. I just HATE this shit… seriously. Phone. Off. Now.

“I can’t relax. No matter what I try to do.”

9. Oh yes, you DEFINITELY can. See an acupuncturist, see how amazing it is…. and learn how to take care of yourself, internally… before you try to take care of yourself externally. Meditation and just laying down for an hour every day, just BREATHING, helps tremendously. And then, there’s exercise. And going outside for a walk. DO IT. Your bullshit email means NOTHING in the long run. Your stupid friends’ facebook updates are bullshit, too. If you aren’t healthy from the inside out, none of that bullshit matters… it has never mattered, and it never will. Fuck technology. And fuck this fucking blog, too!

Having a lot of arguments with your significant other?

10. Try to treat them a little better. Try to be more conscious of your actions, responses, and behavior in general. We’re all guilty of this, man. Life is too fucking short to be up each other’s ass about stupid shit. Give your significant other a hug daily, and…. be giving in other areas of your relationship. Take the fucking time, people. Facebook, blogs, The Onion, Buzzfeed, HuffPost….. who gives a shit. Live in the now. Look into your lover’s eyes. Make out more often. Go for more walks. Enjoy life. At the snap of a finger, you could lose it all. So don’t waste any more fucking time.

Love to all my friends, family, and everyone in my life who is good to the core. I am not friends with anyone who isn’t genuinely good/kind/sweet to the core. And you shouldn’t be, either.

Happy holidays. Get shit done.


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