RECORDING: Neumann TLM102 mic

I picked up one of these (luckily) on ebay, for only $390. Mint-condition, and in black finish, which I wanted. It’s a $700 mic.

I am absolutely floored with how great this mic sounds, on my vocals, and I’m extremely pleased with the upgrade. I’ve been using the MXL v67g for many years, as well as the MXL V63m, and MCA SP-1. They’re all great, GREAT mics, especially for the price, but I think from now on, I’m doing all my vocals (and the vocals of my collaborators) with the TLM102.

Here’s a small piece of me covering The Innocence Mission’s “Where Does The Time Go”, the first couple verses:

No EQ, very little compression, and very little reverb. Absolutely amazed.

Pick up one. Have you been weary of how your vocals sound, with cheap Chinese mics? Have you been thinking “well, I sound ok… but… I dunno.” Are you one of those people who sounds kind of better, just singing in a room, un-miked (I feel like I am one of those people). If you are, get this mic. It will do your voice justice.

Neumann mics just kill. Kill. Clear, and real-sounding. I don’t know how to explain it any other way.


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