RECORDING: Miking drums

There’s tooooooo much info out there, about drum-miking. All you have to do is search youtube for “drum mic test” or “how to mike drums”, “recording acoustic drums” or anything like that. TOOOO much info.

Here are a few videos I think explain things the best, starting with tuning drums.

That guy explains stuff perfectly, and I tried it. It works. AMAZINGLY. And fast. God, I wish I knew this years ago. Thanks, Rob.

Now onto miking:

The video above seems to REALLY favor Audix mics, which are great…. but, the info in here is quite good.

Another really good video, and straight to the point. The investment’s higher with the mics in this video, but you can get great results with similar mic types. Such as V67gs for overheads, and room mics. Or MCA SP-1s for overheads, and/or room mics.

An engineer friend of mine prefers the following mics, if you have a low budget (under $1000) for drum mics:

Shure SM57s for all the toms, and snare (4 total if you play a 5-piece- $400 new or cheaper used)
Shure Beta 52 for the kick drum ($150-ish)
Cascade Fatheads (pair) for overheads ($350/pair)
(or a couple MXL V67Gs for overheads ($200/pair)

I also love Sennheiser’s 421 for the toms (especially the floor— these mics aren’t that cheap) or the e604s (these mics are quite reasonably-priced) for the toms…. and, I actually quite like an SM57 on the kick drum (Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Blood Sugar Sex Magik” album was recorded like this… and my god, the sound of Chad Smith’s kick… is HEAVENLY on that record.

You can also go the route of those cheap mic packs, like CADs or whatever. I’ve used the CAD and Samson packs and I think the snare mic in the CAD pack is quite decent, and the tom mics (from the CAD) are ok only on smaller toms, but the kick mic is garbage, and the overheads… don’t even bother. These packs will run you about $200 or less, but I say go with the good shit. It’s a big investment, but if you want good-sounding drums, you gotta get the good shit.

Miking drums isn’t easy by any means, but if you spend a little time choosing the right mics, and especially tuning your kit, you’re in good shape. Good luck!


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