Monthly Archives: July 2015

RECORDING: Acoustic Panel Assembly (again)

This is a FANTASTIC, easy-to-follow video, on how to make high-quality acoustic panels for your home studio, on the cheap. One of the best videos I’ve found, to date.


RECORDING: Engineer Spotlight– Jesse Gimbel

Jesse and I are friends on facebook, and he lives about 30 minutes from me. I discovered his YouTube channel ages ago, called Jesse Gimbel’s Basement, where he records videos of bands in-studio, doing their thing. He also does some covers, amplifier demos, and original music videos. I haven’t yet met him in person, but that day is coming soon, and I look forward to it.

Six years ago, Jesse started advertising his home studio, which is his parent’s basement, in Upper Darby, PA. He started a studio “because he was broke” (according to his intro video at his site). Six years later, I have seen the quality of his engineering and mastering just shoot through the roof (not that it was that bad before– it wasn’t… everything at his YouTube channel is great). Proof positive that passion, hard work, experimentation, and knowledge get the job done, and cheaply.

I’d like all of you to check out a few of my favorite videos of his. You can learn a lot about home recording just by listening (with headphones) to what people have done in theirs. And paying close attention to any mics you see (for instance, I know that Jesse favors the Sennheiser MD421’s for toms on bands he records).. and also paying attention to any gear you might recognize, such as a Shure SM57 in front of an amp, or a Telefunken, Neumann, or Shure SM7, in front of a lead vocalist.

Great sounds, great performances. Completely DIY. Awesome.