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SONGWRITING: Comment your fave artists, who most inspire you

So I can get a feel of my readership…. I want to know what inspires you the most. And if you have questions about a particular artist’s style/tricks, etc… I’ll do my best to dissect it and decipher it.

Myself… I’m all over the map, but if I had to choose… if I HAD to choose:

  • anything singer/songwriter/obscure/indie (with female vocals)
  • dreampop/shoegaze
  • anything that was on MTV’s “120 Minutes” in the early-to-late-90s)
  • indie/pop/90s (Ben Lee / Ben Kweller, etc)
  • “Beatles-influenced” brilliant piano singer/songwriters
  • most artists on KEXP (the Seattle radio station’s youtube channel)

I really want to know who all of you really love…. let me know!


(sorry for the late post)