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RECORDING: Vocal Recording Masterclass

via SoundOnSound magazine…. this is without a doubt, the best article I’ve ever read on vocal recording in a home studio, from start to finish. Seriously, this is it:


RECORDING: Acoustic panel construction & benefits

These are relatively easy to make, and they WORK.

You can pick up a 6-pack of 4×2 feet, 3-inch thick Roxul (“rockwool”) from basically anywhere, online… for about $20-40 per pack, depending on where you look.

Pick up a few pieces of wood as your frame (have them cut them to size for you, at the hardware store), and pick up some corner braces as the video shows, then some cheap fabric, and go to town. It would probably take you about a day or so, to make 6-10 panels… and if you want to make them really nice like the final ones shown in the video above, you can put some nicer, patterned fabric above the main stuff.

Why should you make these?

Well, again… they work. Some people go crazy with buying that Auralex foam stuff… but it’s too expensive and doesn’t do nearly as good of a job as these do, especially when tracking vocals, or acoustic guitars. Sure, the Auralex stuff looks amazing, but it just doesn’t work as well as these do.

Some people also go nuts with those shields… that run from $100 and way above that…. that attach to mic stands. The most famous one being the original Studio Electronics Reflexion Filter ($299). I’ve owned it, and I was not impressed. I’ve also owned other cheaper ones, which worked better, but still not like these things you can make, for a few bucks.

Here’s a photo of two panels I use (out of a total of 12 I made) to track my vocals… they’re not even attached, though I could hinge them if I wanted to. They’re just leaning on each other, against a wall, sitting on a keyboard bench, with a mic stand behind the bench, to secure it in the dead center of the panels. And the mic wasn’t even attached yet… after I put this together, I just said to myself “sweet! look at this shit”, so I took a photo. Another cool thing is… without the piano bench, this “booth” could be used, sitting down, as well as standing (especially if you used a “round base” mic stand, instead of the tripod-leg variation):

That’s a great use for them, but also, you can hang them on the wall (as is their main intention and use… to absorb bouncing sound waves and reflections from your recording environment.

Do yourself a favor and build these…. you don’t have to be very handy to build these… I suck at building things, but I did ok with these. 🙂

RECORDING: Best DIY portable vocal booth ever

I am building this, hopefully this weekend. Notice the 250 likes and zero dislikes on the YouTube page. If you read the comments, you’ll see how this is probably one of the best builds you can make, and DIRT cheap. I have read elsewhere online that this guy’s build works better than most very, very expensive “portable” solutions… and definitely better than those “reflection filters” (which can run $150 and way up).

I can’t wait to build this. It’s an easy build. And FYI – you don’t have to use Owens Corning 703 (the insulation type). You can also use Roxul (aka “rock wool” or stone wool)… a pack of eight 3″ thick 2×4 foot pieces runs you about $50 online. Sadly, Roxul isn’t available in a lot of local stores, so you’ll have to wait for it. But yeah…. this is an awesome video and totally needs more views. Superb, well-thought-out craftsmanship…. and put the damn thing wherever you want, or bring it to a friend’s studio.