Recording Services

Although I mainly use my studio for my own music (and the music of my friends), occasionally I offer studio time to songwriters and rappers who live in the Philadelphia suburbs (Ambler/Spring House area).

My rate is only $40/hr for singer/songwriters and that rate includes any instrumentation you may need for your songs that you may not be able to play (drums or drum programming, guitar, bass, etc). Since I play and teach various instruments, I feel my rate is more than fair if you need your songs “fleshed out” more, as most songwriters do.

RAPPER rates:
$30 per song (if you provide your own beat or CD track)
$125 per song (if I produce a beat/song for you per your suggestion/vibe). Price includes vocal tracking
$75 per song (if we produce a beat collaboratively per your suggestions/vibe). Price includes vocal tracking


$15/hr (for use of one of two of my “hip-hop stations” (running Maschine and/or Poise with an extra MPD pad), occasionally supervised)
$45/hr (for use of one of two of my “hip-hop stations”, with my training and assistance)

Please email chris AT themixtape DOT net (or themelodies AT gmail DOT com) for more info or to schedule a block of time.
Fridays and Saturdays are best (any time, til 2am). Thanks!





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